Episode 8 – Now I Am Become Dearth Podcaster Of Words



In this episode I talk a little about Robert Oppenheimer, a little about Godzilla  1985 and migration, and a little about a little project I’m undertaking.



Robert Oppenheimer Bio

Magnetic Orientation In Birds (pdf)

Avian Orientation

Bird Migration Wiki

Episode 7 – Listener Feedback

Recipe for a successful podcast:

1) Solicit listeners for questions

2) Never answer  said questions



With topics ranging from fish to nuclear power to dinosaur skin, this was seriously the most fun I’ve had doing an episode so far.  Keep sending those questions in!


Nuclear Meltdowns

Sarcastic Fringehead

Moray Eels

Strange Beast News:

T. Rex Was Ferocious Predator, Not Scavenger

Giant Hornets Proliferated During China’s Heatwave, And Now Have Killed 28 People

Episode 6 – Getting Specific


One of my favorite things about Pacific Rim has been all the science article coming out about ‘The Science Of Pacific Rim’, in this episode I highlight some of these articles and try to describe how the world of Pacific Rim might actually work.  Also, I complain some more about 2 brained dinosaurs and share some listener feedback.

Required Reading:

‘Pacific Rim’: This Is How An Engineer Sees A Jaeger (This article states Gipsy Danger’s Height and Weight as 280 ft, and 7080 tons, which is incorrect.  In the show I substitute the correct measurements)

How Possible Are The Giant Robots in Pacific Rim?

‘Pacific Rim’ Punches Monsters/Science In The Face

Melded Minds Control Robots In ‘Pacific Rim’

Pacific Rim Physics (Part 1)/(Part2)

How Much Urine Can A Kaiju Produce? And Other Fun Information

Music at the end of the show is supplies by Keith Foster of Big Pimp Jones.  Check out their monster music goodness at Kodoja.com

Episode Whatever: I Managed To Record Somehow


CaptureKaiju 101 has returned!  Your 3rd favorite kaiju based science podcast has returned to the airwaves.  In this episode I discuss the hypothetical horrors ravaged on the world by the Oxygen Destroyer, and how humans have already made those condition a reality here on earth.  Also I make fun of Godzilla: Final Wars… which is always cathartic.

See you in September!  Just kidding…

Episode 4: Black Holes And Spaghettifications


*SPOILER* *SPOILER*  I talk about Godzilla: Half Century War, and the stuff that happens at the end.  Listen if you dare.

Also, I talk about the awesome stuff I get in the mail.

Big thanks to Keith Foster for the music!


Episode 3: I Like Big Bugs, And I Cannot Lie

beginning-of-the-endIn which I discover that giant insect are not only non-existent,they’re also physically impossible.  I also talk about the week that was and having Godzilla filming in my hometown.

The Biology Of B-Movie Monsters

The Physics Of The Large And Small (PDF)



P.S.  I use the term ‘Bug’ colloquially to refer to all arthropods.  In reality ‘bug’ refers to one  order of insects, hemiptera.  This is only likely to come up if you’re chatting with an entomologist.

Episode 2: Stupid Sexy Mothra

In this episode I take a look at Moth reproduction in order to solve the age old mystery: Where did that egg come from?  It’s probably more than you ever wanted to know about how Moths get it on.  I also gripe about one the worst examples of bad science in a kaiju movie.

Atlas Moths Mating

Why Sex Is Good

NOTE: In my example of population growth, I neglected to mention that each female gives birth to four offspring. In the first case, 2 male and 2 female; and in the second all female.

Episode 1: Where Are All The Ukrainian Monsters?

In the first official episode of the show I take a closer look at the most common trope in giant monster movies: Nuclear Radiation!!

I took a look at what’s happening today in Chernobyl, are there hideous monsters roaming the Russian country side?  Listen and Find out!
The show turned out a little shorter than I expected it to.  The purpose of the show is to give a brief overview on a topic… but I worry I may have been too brief here.  Hopefully that’s just me being too hard on myself.  For a more in depth look at the subject check out the articles linked below.  Also, please excuse any troubles with the audio quality.  I’m still learning as I go here, and I figured getting the show out was more important than editing out all the little imperfections.

Is Chernobyl a Wild Kingdom or a Radioactive Den of Decay?

Do Animals In Chernobyl’s Fallout Zone Glow?




Episode 0… Who Are You And Why Are You Here?

Here it is, the “first” “episode” of The Science Of Monsters!  It’s just a brief introduction to who I am, and what the show is going to be all about.  I hope to have the first real episode out sometime next week.  In the meantime I’ll be putting a few finishing touches on the website and getting a facebook page going. Until then you can drop me a line at andrew@kaiju101.com and follow me on twitter @kaiju101