Episode 17 – Digging Deeper with Jase Short

king_kong_vs_godzilla_ii_by_ldn_rdnt-d7b8xenThis episode I do something a little different, no Kaiju science.  Instead I had writer Jase Short on to talk about some of the deeper meanings and themes of kaiju movies.  We had a fantastic conversation and Jase almost made sound smrt.

Make sure to check out his blog, it includes some of the more thoughtful commentaries on the giant monster genre I’ve ever read.  Jase’s can be found here: The Ansible


Some of Jase’s Monster articles

The Theory and Appeal of Giant Monsters

The New Godzilla Movie: Was It About Anything

King Kong Retrospective

Does Fiction Have To Have A Deeper Meaning?

Further Reading

Fossils, by DG Valdron

Monsters Of The Market: Zombies, Vampires and Global Capitolism

Colonialism and the Emergence of Science Fiction

Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales

China Mieville Interview


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