Episode 16 – Hedorah’s Acid (rain) trip, and Keith Foster

imagesGodzilla vs The Smog Monster is definitely… unique.  But as weird as it was it was trying to say something substantive about an important issue.  It’s a weird trippy movie, and one that certainly polarizes fans.  Though it seems to have undergone a renaissance lately, with fans holding in higher regard than they used to (for some just for the camp value).  In this episode I talk about acid mist, acid rain and the worlds response to it.


Also I talk to Keith Foster, author of Kodoja, about his Godzilla, Kung Fu and their respective screen time trends.  And don’t forget to go contribute to the Kodoja kickstarter campaign.


Acid Rain – Wikipedia

Environment Canada – Acid Rain

Kodoja Kickstarter on SciFi Japan

No clearing the air over neighbor’s pollution– Article about cross border pollution between China and Japan.  Not discussed in the episode, but still worth reading.



Kaiju Quality Control!

Here’s the graph Keith and I were referring to in the interview show the slight negative correlation between monster screen time and movie quality. As always the complete data set can be viewed here


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