Episode 15 – Legendary Godzilla, and Kyle Yount (also Legendary)

10151422_273699459473871_301590333_nLegendary’s Godzilla has come and gone, and it has made a decent amount of money.  Enough to warrant two sequels. It also raised a few scientific questions. Questions about his massive size, sexual selection, EMPs, and the MUTO life cycle.   In this episode I review some of those questions, and I also talk to Kyle Yount of the Kaijucast about his Kickstarter campaign.

Hail To The King: 60 Years of Destruction Documentary

Also… sorry about the quality.  There is some hissing and cracking, I tried my best to clean it up. Perhaps I was hit with my own low level EMP attack.

Reviewing the Science of Godzilla for Plausibility and Imagination

The impossible science of Godzilla’s gait Could Godzilla Exist In Real Life? Here’s The Science Behind That Very Question (VIDEO)

The Ever Increasing Size of Godzilla: Implications for Sexual Selection and Urine Production

Nuke Your City

VSauce3 Youtube Channel

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